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Unfortunately remote control car racing is a mine field of what car is best what setup is best how much should I spend on things and so on.

Here is a bit of help if you are thinking of giving it a go before going out and buying all the top race spec things or you are working on a budget then a Ansmann Racing ARE-2 Touring Car - RTR may be the answer.



  • Factory assembled and Ready-To-Run
  • 4 wheel drive
  • Finished touring car body
  • Ansmann W4 steerwheel 40AM RC system
  • Ansmann Sirius SE ESC (18T Limit)
  • Speed Racer RS motor
  • Covered spur gear and transmission
  • NCVD shafts with aluminium bracing
  • Torsionally stiff chassis made of high quality plastic
  • Power transmission via a smooth running prop system
  • Upper chassis plate with green anodised design for maximum torsional strength of the chassis
  • Heavy duty oil-filled shocks
  • Maintenance free bevel differentials
  • Perfect chassis balance around the longitudinal, diagonal and vertical axis
  • .6 module pinion

There are a few other items needed to race

 Most model shops have a Redy to run modle kits that are ok as starter models just visit you local model shop

 if you are intrested in the one above go to this link


If you do decide to buy a car for racing at our club you will need to make sure the car has smooth type tyres Spiked tyres (ie. minipins and rally blocks) and foam tyres will not be allowed

Racing sliks are the norm


The Cost of this model is around £114 without battery and charger

Charger is £21

Battery is £22 (you idealy could do with more thatn 1 battery)



Prices are correct as of 26-12-11



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