Doncaster Touring Cars

Doncaster Touring cars

Rules and Regulations for Everyone

1. We cater only for 1/10 scale electric touring cars with any 190mm touring car or GT car shell (sorry, no buggies or trucks).
2. Any odourless additive will be allowed.
3. Minimum 5mm ride-height. All drivers must run their cars with at least 5mm of clearance from the chassis to the ground to prevent damage to the carpet.
4. Any 6 cell nimh/nicad battery pack or 7.4V Li-po pack is allowed.
5. Spiked tyres (ie. minipins and rally blocks) and foam tyres will not be allowed.
6. On trophy meetings, shells for the concourse competition must not be professionally painted and must be raced all night.
7. We now allow 13.5 and 10.5 brushless Motors. People who are true to the sport can still run the 27T motor.

Rules and Regulations for Members

If you miss three consecutive club meetings, then your membership will be terminated, regardless of whether or not you have held a current membership for a full year. Unfortunately this is necessary, so as to free places up for any new drivers who may wish to join. However, to accommodate any member who cannot attend (three consecutive club meetings) due to exceptional circumstances, we have a once-only 'second chance' rule; If you attend the third club meeting in person and pay your race fee, then we will not terminate your membership. Instead, you will continue to be a member until such time as either:

a. Your membership runs out (after one full calendar year from date of issue).
b. You miss three consecutive meetings. (You cannot use the 'second chance' twice)

Code of Conduct

At Doncaster Touring Car Club we expect the following from anyone who races at the club to create a family atmosphere:

  • Try not to hinder faster drivers.
  • Faster drivers should lap slower cars without contact.
  • Drive at a speed at which you can keep control of your car.
  • Do not jump the track in order to gain a place. If you do so accidentally, rejoin the track in the same race order.
  • Do not shout at the marshals.
  • Swearing will not be tolerated either by drivers or spectators.
  • Severe bad driving will result in penalties, or even disqualification.
  • If anyone is in breech of any of the rules they could face losing their membership.
  • Anyone found to be causing trouble or fighting will instantly have their membership revoked.
  • Marshalling duty needs to be carried out after your race, if you are found not marshalling then penalties will be given.

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