Doncaster Touring Cars

All Touring cars will be powered only by batteries approved and homologated by the BRCA
Electric Board. Full technical data of homologated batteries is available via the BRCA Electric
Board Website.
19.1 Any driver found abusing their batteries at BRCA sanctioned meetings may be excluded
from sanctioned events for the rest of the season.
19.2 The maximum voltage for a 2S LiPo is to not exceed 8.40 volts at any time. The maximum
voltage of 1S LiPo is to not exceed 4.20 volts at any time.
19.3 All LiPo/LiFe cells must be charged in a LiPo sack. A LiPo sack is defined as a receptacle
designed for the purpose of charging LiPo/LiFe batteries and of a suitable construction as to
contain a LiPo/LiFe fire. the sack/bag must be closed during charging.

BRCA Membership

Starting in 2010, DTCC is a BRCA affiliated club. This means that in order to race at the club you must be a member of the BRCA (you are, however allowed to attend 3 race meetings before you must be registered). BRCA membership offers many advantages to you and the club, the most important of these is insurance. Due to the sheer speed of the cars and the electronic components they are made up from, radio controlled car racing can be a dangerous sport and without insurance cover you are leaving yourself liable for any accidents which might occur. BRCA membership also allows you to race at many other BRCA affiliated clubs and compete at a national level.


To find out more about joining the BRCA, Go to

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